Clay Bird Craft


Kids can make some really beautiful clay birds with this simply clay bird craft for children. It's a good craft for groups of children and parties, too. If you like you can add a drop of essential oil to a hidden part of your clay bird to let out a gentle scent when you hang it up (with adult supervision), perhaps in a wardrobe? How about making these as gifts? Or hanging some sequinned birds on the Christmas tree?

Clay bird craft for kids

You will need:

Air drying clay
Ceramic pens (optional)
Embellishments such as feathers, beads, and gems (optional)

Clay birds decorated with pens


Roll out your clay. Cut out a bird shape and make a hole through which to tie some ribbon. You may have a cookie cutter you can use, or you can draw your bird onto paper and cut it out to use it as a template if you are nervous of cutting out the clay without help.

To decorate your clay bird, either

a) Use an old pen to add a pattern of dots, then leave to dry.

b) Leave to dry and then decorate with ceramic markers or paints.

c) Press beads, feathers and other embellishments into the clay. Leave to dry.

Thread a ribbon through the hole and hang up!

Clay birds with texture

Sequinned clay bird detail

Ceramic pen clay bird detail


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