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Colouring Pages for Kids from Activity VillageWelcome to one of the largest collection of colouring pages for kids on the net! Explore hundreds of original, high quality colouring pages by browsing the many links below.

The colouring pages you will find as you delve through the site have been individually drawn for Activity Village over the years, mainly by three very talented ladies, Sahar, Adina and Stasy, each with their own unique style. No matter how difficult the task or theme I set them, they exceed my expectations! Despite having some huge collections (particularly for Easter, Halloween and Christmas) we always seem to have something new to work on, and we try to be original and engage a variety of different ages - from preschoolers to older children (and even adults and seniors).

At last count we had over 1,500 colouring pages!

Unlike many of the other colouring sites on the net, at Activity Village we provide our pictures as high quality pdf files so that you always get a good, professional print - one which will reproduce easily on the photocopier for a classroom of kids, too.

To make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, we've sub-divided our colouring pages first according to holiday, then by season, and finally by various other popular themes. And remember, you can always use the search box to the top right of the site, too, to find just the colouring page you are looking for.

Holiday Colouring Pages

Seasonal Colouring Pages

Spring colouring pages
Spring Colouring Pages

Summer colouring pages
Summer Colouring Pages

Autumn colouring pages
Autumn Colouring Pages

Winter colouring pages
Winter Colouring Pages

More Colouring Page Topics

And Even More Popular Colouring Page Topics!

Here you can explore more colouring pages, dot to dots, colour by numbers...

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Seasonal Colouring Pages
Whether you live in the Northern or Southern hemisphere and whatever age you are looking to...
Colouring Pages for Older Kids and Adults
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