Complete the Spring Picture Puzzles


There are baby animals, minibeasts, flowers and more in our collection of complete the picture puzzles for spring. A fun way to test children's observation and drawing skills on a showery spring day.

Complete the Bumble Bee Puzzle

Complete the Bumble Bee Puzzle

This complete the picture, with a cute picture of a bee to copy, is perfect for younger children. Perhaps follow it up with some honey on toast!

Complete The Butterfly Puzzle

Complete The Butterfly Puzzle

There are parts of the butterfly's wings missing from the picture. Children must use the complete picture to help them complete the missing sections, testing their observation skills.

Complete the Daffodil Puzzle

Complete the Daffodil Puzzle

This "complete the daffodil puzzle" is a mixture of a puzzle and a drawing activity and is great for building children's observation and copying skills.

Complete The Daisy Puzzle

Complete the Daisy Puzzle

Children must use their observation skills to help them complete the missing parts of the daisy on this fun puzzle.  

Complete the Duck Puzzle

Complete the Duck Puzzle

A puzzle, a drawing activity and a cute duck in one, our complete the duck puzzle has lots of kid appeal. 

Complete The Ladybird Puzzle

Complete the Ladybird Puzzle

The ladybird is missing her spots! Use the picture below to help finish drawing the ladybird. Look carefully to place the spots.

Complete The Lamb Puzzle

Complete the Lamb Puzzle

Children will need to look closely at the lamb on the right to help them complete the picture. It makes a fun challenge for spring, Easter or a farm animal theme.

Complete The Rainbow Puzzle

Complete the Rainbow Puzzle

The simple shape on this rainbow makes it a perfect introduction to our complete the picture puzzles for young children.

Complete The Snail Puzzle

Complete the Snail Puzzle

Practise drawing skills by completing the snail picture, using the picture below the grid as a guide.

Complete The Snowdrops Puzzle

Complete the Snowdrops Puzzle

This "complete the snowdrops" puzzle is one of our trickier ones. Look closely at the leaves and flowers on the bottom picture and follow the lines to complete the picture.

Complete The Spring Tree Puzzle

Complete the Spring Tree Puzzle

There are lots of details to include in this challenging "complete the spring tree" picture puzzle. Look very closely and take your time!

Complete The Tulip Puzzle

Complete the Tulip Puzzle

This combined puzzle and drawing activity asks children to use their observational skills to complete the stem and petals of the tulip.

Complete The Umbrella Puzzle

Complete the Umbrella Puzzle

Make sure you are not caught out by a spring shower by completing the umbrella on our puzzle! When you have drawn the picture get out the crayons and colour it in.

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