Cork Hat Craft


Cork hats were traditionally worn by jackaroos and swagmen to keep the flies off their faces in the Australian outback. Now you can make your own!

Cork Hat Craft

Jack wearing his Australian-style cork hat!

You will need:

Large sheet of card
Glue or tape


First make your hat. Draw around a plate or bowl that is just large enough to sit on top of your head. Cut out.

Draw around the plate again. Now draw a larger circle about 2-3 inches outside the circle you have just drawn. Cut out the larger circle, then the inner circle, to give you a "hoop" shape for the brim of the hat.

Measure a length of card long enough to go around your head and about 2 inches wide. Mark tabs along each side. Cut out.

Bend one set of tabs out. Bend the strip into a circle that fits inside the ‘hoop’ of card. Stick the tabs to the underside of the hoop.

Bend the second set of tabs in and glue around the edge of the card circle.

Using a hole punch, make several holes around the edge of the hat brim.

Tie lengths of string around your corks, and then tie the other ends of the strings to the hat.


Instead of making a card hat, use an old cloth hat or straw hat.


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