Crazy Faces


This game is just plain fun! And of course it is ideal for teaching very little children to recognise their colours. Instructions and printout below.




  • One die, adapted by covering each side with a coloured circle from the print-out below. If you plan to play often, or are making the die for classroom use, we suggest you stick the circles on firmly and then cover the whole die with a coat or two of clear varnish.
  • One set of printable game pieces per player
  • Also see "Variations" below


The object of the game is to build a set of four different-coloured “Crazy Faces”.

Depending on the age of the child, you can declare a winner when any number of faces are complete.

Put the game pieces in the centre of the table and give the die to the youngest player. He rolls and hopes for one of the four coloured spots on the die, which will allow him to take a “face” on which to build. A white spot represents an “eye”, but you must have a face on which to place the eye before you can claim it.

If you do not have an appropriate “face”, you miss that go.

No face can have more than 2 eyes!

A pink spot represents a set of lips. If you roll a colour which you already have in front of you, you will also miss that go.


This game is great (and more tactile) with the playing pieces cut out of craft foam or felt. The children can help you make the pieces. If you have large “google eyes” you can use them for added silliness!

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Crazy faces printable

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