Cup And Ball Chinese Dragon


A simple paper cup and polystyrene ball combine with a few other crafty bit and pieces to make this gorgeous Chinese dragon - a fun kids craft for Chinese New Year.

Cup and ball Chinese dragon kids craft

You will need:

Paper cup
Polystyrene ball
Wiggle eyes
Craft foam


Glue the ball to the bottom of the cup. Paint your ball and cup with the paint and leave them to dry.

Cut a nose and spikes from craft foam and glue these to the ball.

Stick on two wiggle eyes.

Cup and ball Chinese dragon detail head

Cut 4 legs from craft foam and stick these to the front of the cup.

Cup and ball Chinese dragon detail body

Cut a small length of ribbon as a tail and glue to the back of the cup.

Stick a line of spikes down the dragons back and finish with a craft foam triangle on the end of the ribbon for the tail.


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