Cup And Ball Joseph Craft


Here we transform a polystyrene ball and a paper cup into a handsome Joseph for our handmade nativity scene!

Cup And Ball Joseph Craft

You will need:

Polystyrene ball
Paper cup
Pink paint
Orange paint
Brown wool
Wiggle eyes
Orange and pink craft foam
Scrap of fabric
Pipe cleaners (chenille stem)
Pink pen



Paint the ball pink and the cup orange and leave to dry. Glue the ball to the bottom of the cup.

Cut two arms from orange foam and two hands from pink. Glue one hand to the end of each arm and the other ends of the arms to the body.

Twist a pipe cleaner around the middle of the cup as a belt.

Glue on some wool as hair.

Make a headscarf by placing a square of fabric on the head and wrapping a pipe cleaner around. Secure in place with a bit of glue.

To finish, add two eyes and draw on a face.


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