Cup And Ball Mountie Craft


Kids can make this cup and ball Mountie craft for Canada Day, a Canadian theme, or just to celebrate these well-loved heroes!

Cup and ball Mountie craft for kids

You will need:

Polystyrene ball
Paper cup
Pink paint
Red paint
Black paint
Brown paper
Wiggle eyes
Red, black, brown and pink craft foam
Pink pen
Gold pen (or sequins)
Sticky tape


Paint the ball pink and the bottom of the cup red and the top black, then leave to dry. Glue the ball to the bottom of the cup.

Cut two arms from red foam and two hands from pink. Glue one hand to the end of each arm and the other ends of the arms to the body. Cut two small rectangles of black foam and glue one to each shoulder.

Cut a strip of brown paper and glue it around the middle of the cup as a belt. Cut a thinner strip and glue it around the body, passing over one shoulder.

Make a hat by cutting a circle for the brim, cut a smaller circle out of the middle so that it sits on the ball. Cut a strip of brown foam and tape around the inside circle of the brim. Fasten the ends with a dab of glue and trim any excess. Carefully shape the strip by trimming a downwards curve at the front and back of the hat. Cut a circle of brown foam. From the inside, tape it on to the top of the hat following the curves, trimming off any overhanging bits. With a dab of glue fasten to the top of the Mountie’s head.

Close up of Mountie's hat
Close up of Mountie's hat

Draw on some gold buttons - or if you have sequins you could glue some on. Finally, add two eyes and draw on a pink nose and mouth.

Mountie craft detail


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