Cupcake Owl Collage


This lovely owl craft involves sticking - always a favourite activity for kids! And WHOO would have known you could make such a lovely owl from cupcake cases! Instructions below.

Cupcake Owl Collage

You will need:

Card or paper
Large cake cases
2 mini muffin cases


  • Cut the centre from several cake cases so you have strips of the folded sides.
  • Cut two small pieces from these strips to form the feet. Glue to the card towards the bottom.
  • Cut a strip that is a little longer than the two feet. Glue above the feet so it overlaps. Refer to our photograph.
  • Cut and glue on further strips in the same way to build up the body.
  • To make the wings, squash a cake case flat and then cut in half. Glue on to the card.
  • Squash the 2 small muffin cases and glue on to the owl as the eyes.
  • Finish by drawing on pupils.


Use a larger piece of card to start with and fold in half before gluing your own onto the front. A perfect birthday card for an owl-lover!


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