Cut Out Card


This is a good card making technique for kids to use for all sorts of occasions. We have made a flower card, but you could use a heart for Valentine's Day, a Christmas tree for Christmas, and so on.

Cut Out Card

You will need:

  • Fancy paper or card (we used glittered card but you could use holographic, patterned whatever you have in your craft box)
  • Hole punch (flower, heart, Christmas tree etc)
  • Card blank
  • Glue


Punch out some shapes from along the edge of your card.

Cut a rectangle of fancy paper the height of your cad and a few centimetres wide.

Glue the rectangle to the back piece of your card. Trim any overhanging edges.

Cut out a shape from the fancy paper to match your punch. Glue to the front of your card.


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