Czech Republic

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Snow on Charles Bridge, Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic
Snow on Charles Bridge, Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic

Learn about the Czech Republic

  • The Czech Republic is a landlocked Central European country, surrounded by mountains except in the south. It straddles Western and Eastern Europe.
  • The country consists of the old kingdoms of Bohemia and Moravia, which have been fought over for centuries and unsurprisingly are full of castles.
  • In 1993 the old country of Czecholsovakia spilt into two, forming the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Whilst small in area, the Czech Republic has a population of over 10 million and is densely populated with 340 people per square km.
  • Since the collapse of communism in 1989, tourists from around the world have flocked here.

Prague, the Capital City

  • Prague combines the charm of a medieval city with the excitement of a modern entertainment centre. It is bisected by the River Vltava but tourists can walk across the Charles Bridge, named after Emperor Charles IV.
  • Prague Castle was the largest in the ancient world. It covers 70,000 square metres. The priceless Bohemian Crown Jewels are locked inside a room which can only be opened with 7 keys kept by different people including the President!

More Interesting Facts about the Czech Republic

  • The Christmas carol "Good King Wenceslas" was sung about the Czech King who lived here 900 years ago and became patron saint of the country.
  • The Czechs are famous for their beer and they drink more per head than any other nation.
  • Olumouc was the capital of Moravian Empire. This student town has many festivals including a whipped cream battle between teams of children. It is very messy!
  • The Sudetan mountains in the south of Bohemia are home to spa towns such as Karlovy Vary, which has 12 natural springs formed by faults in the rock. Famous people, from Beethoven to King Edward VII of England, have visited here for their health. Locals like to eat sweet wafers called "okplaty" after they have drunk the water to disguise the bitter taste of sulphur.
  • Czechs like to eat warming dishes such as pork or duck stew followed by fruit dumplings during the cold winters.
  • Czechs are fond of traditional holidays. On January 6th, boys dress up as the Three Kings, Melchior, Balthazar and Kaspar, to get blessed by the local priest.
  • Easter, or "Velikonoce", is a busy time. Women and girls decorate eggs with intricate patterns whilst boys run around the villages with rattles to scare off Judas.

Famous Czechs

Amongst famous Czechs are the writer Franz Kafka, tennis champion Martina Navratalova and composer Dvorzak. We also have a page where you can learn about the extraordinary Olympic athlete, Emil Zatopek, and enjoy our printable activities about him.

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