Daily Routines


NEW! Our new collection of "daily routine" activities have been designed as a resource for classrooms, nurseries, childminders and parents, to help children understand routines, learn independence and improve organisation skills too. They are also great for sparking off conversation and working on sequencing and might be useful for display purposes too. We have two babies - a newborn and a 9-month old, and 4 children to choose from!

Daily Routines Colouring Pages
Colour your way through a typical day of a baby or a school children with these fun colouring pages...
Daily Routines Posters
Use these bright and cheerful posters to illustrate a day in the life of a newborn baby, a 9 month...
Daily Routines Story Paper
Our daily routines story paper comes in black and white or colour with a picture per page. We take...

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