Dala Horse Craft


Dala horses (or Dalecarlian horses) are carved and painted wooden horses originating in the Swedish province of Dalarna. Originally made as toys for children, they are now a recognised symbol of Sweden. Have a go at making your own with this lovely Dala horse craft!

Dala Horse Craft

You will need:

Red felt
Template (below)
Toy stuffing
Needle and thread
3D fabric pens


Using our template, cut out two red felt horses.  

Place a loop of ribbon between the two pieces of felt in the middle of the horse's back, then sew carefully all around the edge, leaving a gap through which you can stuff the horse. This is probably best left at the horse's bottom! Don't over-stuff your dala horse as it looks best when it is fairly flat. Sew the gap closed.

Decorate the horse with fabric pens. You can get ideas for decoration by doing a Google image search, but a pretty mane and decorative saddle are traditional.

Dala horse template


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