Describe The Picture Game


This game encourages careful listening and helps children to develop their vocabulary and observational skills. It also incorporates maths skills as you can use number, shape and information about size to help with the descriptions.

Print off the cards (you might want to laminate them if you are going to use them more than once) and lay them all out face up on the table or floor so that everyone can see the pictures. Choose one of the pictures but don’t tell anyone which one you have chosen. Describe what you can see on the picture. The children must listen carefully to your description and find the picture that you are describing. For example, if you said, “It has four legs and a tail. It is orange with black stripes.” The children might find the picture of the tiger.

After a few goes, let the children describe a picture and see if you can find which one they are looking at.

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Describe The Picture Game


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