Design a Snowboard

Snowboards can have stunning designs - that's one thing that makes the sport so appealing to the young. Why not have a go at designing your own? Obviously this is something that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Design a Snowboard

You will need:

Pens, paints, glitter etc
Our template
Laminator or laminating film (optional)


Print out our template and use it to cut a snowboard shape out of strong card. Alternatively print it directly onto white printer card. If you want a bigger snowboard you can enlarge the template with a photocopier, or just use it as a basis for drawing your own.

Design your snowboard! Children could take inspiration from their country's flag and Olympic clothing design - or just use their imagination.

Once finished, you could get the kids to sign and date it on the back.

Laminating the snowboard gives it a realistic sheen and makes it last longer.

Use your snowboard as a bookmark or put it up on display.

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