Design Your Own Flip Flops Craft


We had such fun with this flip flops craft! It is a perfect group activities - perhaps for a summer party, or a long rainy afternoon with friends - and uses up all your scraps of paper, wrapping paper, card and ribbon! Younger children will enjoy the same craft using craft foam, card and pipe cleaners.

Flip Flops Craft

You could use these flip flops to decorate your house, your fridge, or the front of an invitation or birthday card. A particularly nice pair can even be framed (leave out the glass) to make a cute picture for your child's bedroom wall.

Flip Flops Template here

You will need:

- An assortment of card, paper, wrapping paper (gift wrap), craft foam, etc
- Ribbons and braids (or pipe cleaners for younger kids)
- Scissors and glue
- Decorations such as beads, plastic or silk flowers, stickers etc can be used if you like.
- Template


Print out the Flip Flops Template and cut out the individual pieces. Younger kids will just need the bigger pair of flip flops; older kids will want to use both.

Flip Flops Craft Image

For younger kids -

Using the larger two templates, draw round them onto the craft foam and carefully cut out. An adult should pierce three holes in the flip flops where shown on the template (we used a pencil, but you could also use nail scissors or a metal skewer or bradawl). Use two pipe cleaners per flip flop, as shown in the photo above, bending the pipe cleaner backwards on the underneath of the flip flop to hold it in place.

We further decorated our flip flops by cutting a small circle of craft foam and threading the pipe cleaners through that as well, and also by threading beads onto the pipe cleaner before pushing it through the second hold.

For older kids -

Use two different materials for your flip flops, cutting the larger templates from one and the smaller templates from the other. Pierce three holes in the smaller template, then thread pieces of ribbon or cord through the holes (we found it easier if we pushed our ribbon through the holes with a sharp pencil). Use sticky tape to fasten the ribbon on the underneath of the flip flop, then glue the top of the flip flop to the bottom, sandwiching the ends of the ribbon in between.

If you like, you can cut the flower shapes out and use them to finish off your flip flops. Alternatively use beads, plastic flowers, hearts or butterflies or even pompoms to decorate them!

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