Dinosaur Door Hanger or Bookmark


Our dinosaur door hanger or bookmark are made in exactly the same way, and they are sure to prove a hit with crafty dinosaur fans!

Dinosaur door hanger Dinosaur bookmark
Dinosaur door hanger (left, from craft foam) and bookmark (right, from card)

You will need:

Our templates (below)
Green craft foam or card
Pens or stickers to decorate

Dinosaur bookmark template
Dinosaur bookmark template

Dinosaur door hanger template
Dinosaur door hanger template


Print our template either directly onto green card or on to card that you can use as a template to cut the pieces from foam.

Cut the pieces out.

Glue the tail to the smaller body piece. Glue the larger body on top. Finish off with the neck on top.

When the glue is dry, decorate with pens or stickers.


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