Dinosaur Eggs Craft

Sarah says: My boys love nothing better than fossil hunting on the beach. Although they don’t find many fossils, large pebbles that they call dinosaur eggs often end up in my hand bag! So here is our dinosaur egg craft idea...

Dinosaur eggs craft - finished egg
Dinosaur eggs craft - our finished egg

You will need:

Large pebble
Acrylic paints


We made some of our pebbles look a bit more ‘dinosaur egg-ish’ with some acrylic paint.

Why not paint a few and make a nest in your garden? Dig a small pit and fill with leaves and your eggs, cover with some leaves to keep your eggs safe. If you wanted your eggs indoors, fill a pie-tray with some leaves and your eggs. Look at some pictures of dinosaur nests and you will often see the eggs arranged in a circle.

Dinosaur eggs craft - detail
Dinosaur eggs craft - detail

Marbled Eggs
If you prefer an activity for older children, perhaps you could try some of these marbled eggs?
Marbled Eggs

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