Dinosaur Puzzles

Kids who enjoy dinosaurs will also enjoy this growing collection of dinosaur puzzles. We've got grid copies and complete the dinosaur picture puzzles - both great for improving observational and copying skills, and a few more besides. More coming soon.

Complete the Dinosaur Picture Puzzles
All NEW! These dinosaur "complete the picture" puzzles can be quite tricky - because...
Dinosaur Grid Copy Puzzles
All NEW! Once upon a time, copying pictures by using a grid was taught as a skill (and also as a...
Dinosaur Word Puzzles
We've got everything from exgtremely challenging dinosaur word search puzzles to a dinosaur...
More Dinosaur Puzzles
Here are one or two extra dinosaur puzzles to print out for dinosaur-crazy children...

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Dinosaur Colouring Pages
Dinosaur Colouring Pages

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