Diwali Worksheets


Our Diwali worksheets aren't your standard worksheets - and in fact, the kids may not even realise that they are learning while they are enjoying them! We've got tracing pages, handwriting pages and colourful vocabulary printables here to explore.

Diwali Acrostic Poem Printables
These Diwali acrostic poem printables are something different to challenge the children, and...
Diwali Handwriting Worksheets
Kids can practise their handwriting with these fun Diwali handwriting worksheets!
Diwali Story Paper
Use this collection of Diwali story paper in the home or classroom, for creative writing, facts or...
Diwali Tracing Pages
Our Diwali tracing pages are a lovely way to practise pencil control - an essential pre-writing...
Diwali Writing Pages
These printable Diwali writing pages have been specially designed for use in the classroom, for...
More Diwali Worksheets
Find below some extra Diwali worksheets - bringing various aspects of Diwali into the classroom in...

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Diwali Printables
Diwali Printables

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