Diya Collage Card


Using simple collage techniques and bright-coloured scraps of fabric, paper and card, kids can make this beautiful Diya collage card for Diwali. Of course you could make a bigger version to display during this Hindu festival, too.

Diya collage card

Pretty colours make this Diya collage card really special.

You will need:

Sheet of A4 card
Selection of patterned and textured paper or fabric in bright colours


Fold the card in half.

Cut a rectangle from paper just a little smaller than the front of the card. Glue it in place.

Cut 3 ‘diyas’ from different types of paper. Glue them to the card.

Cut 3 ‘flames’ from yellow or gold paper or card. Glue them on to the card above the diyas.

If you like, you can further embellish your card with glue and sequins.


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