Dolphin Collage


Scrunching up tissue paper and gluing it somewhere is always a successful craft for little ones, and we think they will be thrilled with the results in this dolphin collage. Older children can place the tissue paper carefully and perhaps do both sides so that the dolphin can be suspended - perhaps above the bath?

Dolphin Collage

You will need:

Paper plate
Tissue paper (two shades of blue)
Blue card
Optional: dolphin template


Draw a dolphin shape onto the plate using our image as a guide, or use our dolphin template. Cut out the shape.

Dolphin collage detail 1

Cut a triangle from blue card and glue to the back of the dolphin to form a fin.

Dolphin collage detail 2

Rip pieces of tissue up and scrunch into balls and glue to the dolphin. Older children should use dark blue along the back and pale blue for the dolpin's tummy.

If you want to hang the dolphin, punch a hole in the fin and tie some string through. Decorate the back of the dolphin the same as the front.


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