Dr Seuss Crafts

Follow up your reading by trying a Dr Seuss craft or two. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Make your own simple hat inspired by The Cat In The Hat

First make a headband to fit round head. Then draw a hat outline on a piece of cardboard - we used the illustrations in The Cat In The Hat for inspiration. Cut out and decorate – colour, paint, cut and glue, basically whatever appeals. Then when finished decorating (and after drying if necessary) attach to the front of the headband (we found this easiest to staple).

Be a Star-bellied Sneetch! 

We had great fun making badges so we could pretend to be star-bellied Sneetches. Just cut a star design into half a large potato, then dip in green paint and stamp on to cardboard. When dry, cut out and attach to fastening such as a safety pin. You could also make Sneetch T-shirts by using the same idea but instead stamping green fabric paint onto a plain T-shirt.

Make your own turtles from the Yertle the Turtle story

This is a really fun craft, and it is very easy to get a good result. All you need is two paper plates, or a paper dish and plate, cardboard, stapler, and blue crayons/felt tips/paints. Draw a simple head, tail and 4 legs on the cardboard and cut out. Next turn one of the paper plates upside down and decorate the outside as the shell using blue crayons, felt tips or paints - you may want it plain blue like Yertle himself, or with patterns like some of the other turtles. When dry just place the decorated plate/dish on top of the other plate, place the head, tail and legs as appropriate around the plates, then use a stapler to fasten it all together. You could make lots of these to make a tower for Yertle as in the story, though whether you’d manage 200…!

A One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish magnetic fishing game

Make a simple rod by attaching a small magnet to a piece of string and fastening to a pole (try a ruler, chop stick, bamboo cane!). Now you need some fish –either use a simple fish template or draw your own inspired by the fish from the Dr. Seuss book. We coloured ours with either red or blue crayons. Then attach a paper clip to the fish and go fishing! You could have a contest to see who could collect the most of a particular colour, or, if you only coloured one side then turn the fish so that side is downwards to make it more difficult.

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