Drawing Pin Decorative Candle


Children will really enjoy creating this pretty drawing pin decorative candle - it is very satisfying to push the pins in, and even the youngest children can produce a really good effect.

Drawing pin decorative candle - with coloured drawing pins!
Our drawing pin decorative candle - with coloured drawing pins!

You will need:

Drawing (push) pins
Plain candle


Decorate your candle by pressing in the pins. We have used pins with coloured heads but you could use just silver and gold if you like.

Candle detail

This candle looks very pretty with gold or silver drawing pins at Christmas. Older children will enjoy creating quite intricate designs. They could even vary the design by pushing sequins or beads into the candle with short pins, too.

Please be aware that if you use plastic coated drawing pins, as we have, that this candle is decorative only and should not be lit! If you use metal drawing pins you could light the candle with care (although you should never leave the candle unattended).


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