Easter Boxes

Boxes (also known as Dots or Dots and Boxes) is a well-loved classic strategy game with enough of a challenge to keep older kids and adults amused, but easy enough for younger children to enjoy (and learn from) too. We have three Easter printable versions here to suit all ages. It is an excellent travelling or restaurant game (all you need is the printout and pencils). It is a game for two players.

How to play:

Print out your grid, choosing the small grid for beginners and younger children and working up to the large grid.

You will need a pencil or pen each. Choose which player is to go first. He or she joins two adjacent dots with a straight line. The next player then also joins up two adjacent lines.

Play continues with the players taking turns until someone completes a box. He then claims the box as his own by writing his initial in it, and gets one more go. Every time a box is completed, the player who completes it gets another turn .. so sometimes a player will manage to complete quite a number of boxes in a row before their turn is over!

Continue play until all boxes are complete. The player with the most boxes wins.

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Easter Boxes

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