Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft


This simple craft is fun for kids of all ages. You can use the Easter Bunnies to decorate your house or classroom, as large puppets (attach a wooden spoon to the back with strong sticky tape), or as masks.

Easter bunny paper plate craft

You will need:

A white paper plate for each child
White and pink card, construction paper or craft foam
Large pink pompoms (or more pink card or craft foam)
Small black pompoms (or black card)
Large wobble eyes, or more scraps of card or fun foam
Black pipe-cleaners or strips of black card for the whiskers
Glue, stapler, sticky tape as preferred


Cut large ear shapes from the pink card, construction paper or foam, or draw the shapes and ask your child to cut them out. Repeat for slightly smaller white ear shapes (see illustration above). Glue the ear pieces together, then staple to the paper plate.

Construct the face - following the illustration. For a good finish, glue or staple the whiskers on first then cover them with the pink "cheeks"

Your child can add a smile to the Easter Bunny with a black marker if you like, or perhaps tie a ribbon bow to stick at the base of one ear of under the Bunny's chin!


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