Easter Egg Hunt Game


Print out this Easter game, assemble a few bits and pieces to play, and have fun! Instructions are below. You can also use this printable to make a file folder game. Scroll down for our fun printable version.

You will need:

  • Our game board, printed onto card and sticky-taped together, or printed onto paper and mounted in a file folder.
  • A game piece for each player
  • Counters *
  • A die


Players place their game pieces on the Easter bunny, and take turns rolling the die and moving along the board towards the Easter basket. If you land on an egg, take a counter.* If you land on a ladybird, you must give all your counters back! If you land on the either of the places marked by the arrow, you advance or fall back accordingly. If you want to play competitively, award a bonus of two extra counters for the first player to reach the basket. The player with the most counters wins.

* Variation. Play with chocolate eggs and Easter chicks! Take an egg every time you land on an egg, and a chick if you are lucky enough to land on one of the two chick places. Younger children may be reluctant to give their chocolate eggs back if they land on the ladybirds!

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Easter egg hunt game printable


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