Eid Worksheets


Here's our collection of Eid worksheets for children - ranging from cutting and tracing pages for little ones, to acrostic poem printables that will challenge older children's poetry skills!

Eid Handwriting Worksheets
NEW! Get the children ready to write some cards for Eid with the help of these useful handwriting...
Eid Poetry
Lots NEW! This collection of Eid poetry printables will encourage children to use their skills to...
Eid Story Paper
NEW! Our story paper can be used for creative writing projects, or perhaps as writing paper for...
Eid Tracing Pages
All NEW! A mixture between a tracing activity and a colouring page, our Eid tracing pages can be...
More Eid Worksheets
Here are a few more Eid worksheets that don't fit into our other categories! More coming soon.

More Eid Fun for Kids

Eid Puzzles
Eid Puzzles

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