English Telephone Box Craft


Even though these red telephone boxes are rarely seen in England now, they still symbolise England to many. Here's a fun English telephone box craft idea for kids - making a fabulous pencil holder for the desk!

Jack's telephone box craft, used as a pencil holder

Jack's telephone box craft, used as a pencil holder

You will need:

Cuboid-shaped box
Red paint
White paper
Black permanent marker


Cut the box so it is slightly shorter than your pens. Paint the box red and allow it to dry.

At the top of each side draw a small crown. From white paper cut four small rectangles and on each write TELEPHONE. Glue one to each side, just underneath the crown.

Finally use the permanent marker to add a grid of black rectangles (window panes) to each side.

You could paint the telephone with acrylic varnish to protect it if you like.

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