Use these fun facts to help children learn a little about the Northern European country of Estonia, backed up by our collection of flag printables, notebooking pages etc.

Skyline of Tallinn, capital city of Estonia
Skyline of Tallinn, capital city of Estonia

Learn about Estonia

  • Estonia was independent until the 12th Century, when it was conquered by Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Russia.
  • Estonia was forced into the Soviet Union in 1940, becoming independent again only in 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed.
  • Tallinn is the capital city.
  • The population of Estonia is only about 1.3m people, but it is a developed country with a relatively high-income economy.
  • The Estonian language is closely related to Finnish.
  • Estonia has over 1,400 lakes.
  • Skype software was created by Estonian developers, and is still mainly maintained in Estonia.
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