Fabric Bird Craft

Kids learning to sew will enjoy this fabric bird craft. The finished bird is pretty as a picture and makes a lovely gift...perhaps for mother, grandmother or a favourite teacher. You could include some dried lavender or Christmas spices when stuffing the bird, too, to make a scented hanging decoration.

Fabric bird craft for kids

You will need:

Fabric in two coordinating designs
Scraps of yellow fabric Interfacing
Toy stuffing 2 small black buttons
Thin ribbon (if you want to hang your bird)
Fabric glue


Use a small dinner plate to draw and cut a circle from one of the pieces of fabric (the bird's body) and a sandwich plate or saucer to draw and cut a circle from the other (the wings).

Ask an adult to iron the small circle and the scraps of yellow fabric on to the interfacing.

Cut two triangles from the yellow and glue them back to back.

Trim the excess interfacing from the circle.

Fold the large circle in half with the wrong sides together. Work out where you want the eyes and stitch the small buttons in place. Find the middle of the circle, knot one end of the ribbon and using a large needle thread it through the middle point of the circle, so that the knot hangs on the wrong side of the fabric.

Starting at the end with the eyes, keeping the large circle folded in half and making sure the eyes match up, start to sew a running stitch around the edge. After a few stitches, slip the triangle of yellow fabric in between the two layers where you want the beak and sew through all 3 layers to hold it in place. When you are near the end stop, stuff the bird and then sew the gap closed.

Cut the small circle in half. Glue one half to each side of the body to form the wings..

Fabric bird craft detail

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