Fabric Menorah


Fabric menorah wall hangings are often used as decorations at Hanukkah. By using hook and eye fasteners as we have you can add a flam e on each day of Hanukkah.

Fabric Menorah Craft

You will need:

Felt (yellow and other colours)
Fabric for the back of your hanging
Fabric glue (older children may like to sew instead)
Fabric paints
Hook and eye fastening tape or buttons


Cut out a Menorah shape (use our template for help) and 9 candles from the felt.

Menorah template

Using fabric glue stick these shapes to your backing fabric.

Cut out nine flames from yellow felt. Stick the ‘eye’ of nine hook and eye fasteners just above each candle and the ‘hooks’ to the flames.

Decorate your Menorah hanging with fabric paints.


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