Family Tree

This family tree display makes a great project (and poster) at any time of year, but also an unusual and special gift for Grandparent's Day.

Family Tree

You will need:

Brown paint
Large sheet of paper
Pale green paper (or orange and yellow paper if you are doing this during Autumn(



Paint a tree on to the paper with brown paint.

Cut out lots of leaves from the green paper. On each leaf draw a different member of your family. Glue your leaves to the tree.

Older children could try and draw their tree branches and stick their leaves in such a way as to show the generations.


Make a 3D tree. Find a branch/ twig and pop it into a vase or pot. On the back of each leaf write one reason why you love that member of your family. Punch a hole in the top of each leaf and tie them to the tree.

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