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Whether you want to find out more about our modern day tennis hero Andy Murray, or learn about famous Scots from days gone past like Rob Roy and William Wallace, you've come to the right place!  We've got a fun collection of activities for kids on all three of those famous Scots, as well as notebooking pages on many more.

Bonnie Prince Charlie
Use our light-hearted printable activities to learn about Bonnie Prince Charlie with your younger...
Mary Queen of Scots
Learn a little about Mary Queen of Scots, then explore our printable activities to help you round...
Rob Roy
Learn a little about Rob Roy, Scottish folk hero, and back up what you learn with our fun...
William Wallace
Enjoy our short biography of the early Medieval Scottish military hero, William Wallace, and print...

A Modern Day Famous Scot!

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

More Famous Scots

Famous Scots Notebooking Pages
Famous Scots Notebooking Pages


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