This is a sitting down game, but it can be very noisy! Simple but fun, and it works well with children from 4-5 up. Watch out for any asthmatic children - you don't want anyone to run out of puff.


Age: 6+

You will need:

  • A feather
  • A tablecloth or piece of sheeting - preferably round, although this is not essential.
  • Music player

How to play:

Sit the children cross legged on the floor and ask them to hold onto the edge of the tablecloth and stretch it between themselves until it is tight. Drop the feather into the centre.

When you start the music, the children begin to tip the tablecloth (although they must remain sitting at all times) and blow frantically to keep the feather away from them. When you stop the music, whoever the feather is nearest to gets a penalty letter (we play with "duck", as a duck could have produced the feather, but you can use "pig" or "donkey" or whatever you wish, depending on how long you want the game to continue). If the feather touches a child at any time, even when the music is playing, they also get a letter.

The game ends when one child completes the word.

NB: We have found that playing this way - with no apparent winners and no real loser - is popular with children, who tend to laugh when one of their friends gets another letter.


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