Felt Chick


This little felt chick is a great craft for beginner sewers (or more experience sewers, come to that!) Wouldn't it be lovely making an appearance at Easter time?

An adorable felt chick craft!

An adorable felt chick craft!

You will need:

Yellow felt
Scraps of orange felt
Wiggle eyes
Fabric glue
Toy stuffing

Felt chick template
Felt chick template


Using our template, cut out 2 chick shapes from yellow felt.

Cut out two orange felt feet.

Sandwich the top of the feet between the two bodies. Sew the bodies together so the feet are held in place. Keep sewing until you have just a small gap left through which to stuff the chick. Sew the gap closed.

Felt chick feet detail

Glue on an orange triangle beak and 2 eyes.

Felt chick face detail


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