Felt Heart Decorations


Make these beautiful felt heart decorations with your children and have a beautiful Christmas tree decoration to hang every year!

Felt heart decoration

You will need:

Red felt
Wadding (or cotton stuffing)
Ribbon to hang
Embroidery thread (cotton) and needle
PVA (white) glue
Sequins, jewels, glitter glue to decorate
Heart template


Choose an appropriately sized heart template (you will find the larger sizes are better for younger children) and cut out two hearts from red felt. Cut a smaller heart from wadding.

Cut a length of ribbon for your loop, and glue it, using a small dab of white glue, to to inside top of one of the hearts.

Lay the wadding on top and then place the other heart on top again, making a sandwich with the wadding and ribbon in the middle. Pin if you wish.

Make small running stitches all around the edge of the heart.

felt heart decorations - closeup of stitching

Now decorate with your sequins, jewels and glitter glue!

Felt heart decorations


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