Felt Leaves


These felt leaves are a simple way to teach children basic embroidery stitches as they get to see a quick result. We have stuck to basic backstitch as we are just starting out but you can be more ambitious if you like and experiment with other stitches.

Felt leaves - practice simple embroidery stitches

You will need:

Felt in autumn colours
Embroidery thread in autumn colours


Cut out a basic leaf shape from felt. Thread your needle and knot the end of the thread.

Bring the needle through the felt from the back to the front. Pull until the thread is tight. Push back through about 1/3 inch away to make your first stitch. Bring the needle back through from back to front about 1/3 inch away from end of the stitch. Take it back through the hole at the end of the stitch. Repeat until you finish the veins.

On the back of your leaf, thread through some of the stitches to tie a knot.
If you want to hang your leaf. Thread a small piece of thread. Tie a knot in one end. Thread through the stem of the leaf, go straight back through and tie another knot.

Felt leaves - detail


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