Felt Monster Dangle Craft


Monsters can be any size, shape or colour, so your imagination is your only limit! We made this cute felt monster "dangle" to hang from a hook, but you could use it as a keychain, attach it to a backpack, or leave the "dangle" off completely and stitch a safety pan to the back to make a monster brooch or pin.

Felt monster craft

You will need:

Scraps of felt
Chenille stems / pipe cleaners
Embroidery thread and needle
Googly eyes (and /or other craft bits and pieces to decorate your monster)
Toy stuffing or wadding


Cut out a long rectangle of felt, to be folded in half for your monster's body. If you prefer, you could make your monster a different shape by cutting out two matching pieces of felt. (You could make a set of monsters to learn the different shapes - square, circle, triangle, rectangle etc)!

Fold the rectangle in half and place a tiny amount of stuffing inside. Starting near the folded edge, sew up the side and half way across the top edge using a simple running stitch. Leave a few inches of thread clear, and remove the needle. Thread the needle again and, starting at the other corner, sew up the other side and across the top to the middle. Pull out the needle and knot the two loose ends together. Twist them together and then connect them to a keychain or book ring.

Felt monster dangle detail

Use chenille stems to form arms, legs and antennae. Glue or sew to the back of your monster.

Monster legs detail

We wound our chenille stems around a pencil to make them spiral, and attached pompoms to the end of the legs with glue.

Finally, decorate your monsters face. Our monster has 12 eyes!


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