Filter Paper Bouquet


Kids will enjoy making this filter paper bouquet for Mother's Day or Grandparent's Day - or perhaps to a favorite teacher! The colours are so pretty and perfect for Spring.

Filter paper bouquet

You will need:

Coffee filter papers
Green chenille stems


Water down the paint (approx 4 parts water to one paint). Paint the filter papers. Use more than one colour per flower so they blend together. You could paint the edges in one colour and the middle in a darker shade or, decorate with dots. Experiment!

We painted spots on this one!
We painted spots on this one!

Let dry (you can speed things up by drying out in the oven on a very low heat for a few minutes).

Open out a filter paper into a cone shape and twist the bottom to form a point.

Twisting the point
Twisting the point

Wrap the chenille stem around the point. Leave the other end of the chenille stem loose to be the flower stem.

With chenille stem
With chenille stem

Make a whole bunch and twist the stems together so you have your own bouquet.


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