Fimo Hearts Card


Have some sculpting fun with this fimo hearts card. This one is better delivered by hand, but if you are going to post this card, we suggest using a padded envelope!

Fimo Hearts Card

You will need:

Polymer clay in two shades of pink (we mixed our own from a deep pink and white)
Small heart cutter
Strong glue
Card blank


Roll out your clay and cut two hearts from each shade.

Take a small piece of clay and roll in to a sausage and then form into the letters L and e. Press these into the hearts made from the other shade of pink.

Now from the other shade take a small piece of clay and roll in to a sausage, then form into the letters o and v. Press these onto the remaining hearts.

Bake according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Leave to cool and then, with strong glue, stick them to the front of your card in a square shape.


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