Fireworks Paintings


Kids will really enjoy making these glittery fireworks paintings (but please make sure that the kids, and the house, is well covered up first!)

Fireworks Painting 1

You will need:

Black construction paper
Poster paint
Paint brush

Dip the paintbrush in the paint and hold over the paper. Tap the back of the paintbrush so the paper is showered in dots. Dip the string in the paint. Drop it in coils on the paper to make Catherine Wheels or drag it across the paper to make fireworks flying through the sky.

Fireworks Painting 2

You will need:

Black construction paper
White glue
Glittery chenille stems

Cover the entire paper in white glue. Sprinkle glitter in several colours over the paper. Make Catherine Wheels by twisting the chenille stems into spirals and gluing down.


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