Flag Bunting


You can use our printable flags to make bunting to decorate your house, school or classroom for sporting events, national holidays or other patriotic celebrations. There are many ideas below..

Union Jack bunting

You will need:

Print-outs on paper of our large flags and coloured paper rectangles (optional, but they save on printer ink!)
Sticky tape


Cut out the flags. Tape the ribbon along the top end of the flags. Hang your bunting.


Olympic bunting
Olympic bunting (or other sports events)
Use lots of different country flags.

Canada Day bunting
Canada flag printables for Canada Day
Alternate the Canadian flag with white and red rectangles.

Star spangled banner bunting
USA flag printables for Independence Day bunting...
Use the Star Spangled banner and rectangles of red, blue and white paper.

Australia flag printables
Australia flag printables for Australia Day
Use the Australian flag and rectangles of red, white and blue. Alternatively, use rectangles of green and gold.

England flag printables
England flag printables for St George's Day
Alternate the England flag with white and red rectangles.

Scottish flag, Scotland flag
Scotland flag printables for St Andrew's Day
Alternate blue and white rectangles with the Scotland flag.

Irish flag printables
Ireland flag printables for St Patrick's Day
Alternate orange, green and white rectangles with the Irish flag - or just use lots of green flags.

Welsh flag printable, three sizes
Welsh flag printables for St David's Day
Alternate red, green and white rectangles with the Welsh flag


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