Flower Face Mask


This Flower Face mask can be adapted with different colours, different sized petals, different materials - you could even change it into a "sun" mask.

Start with 2 large circles of cardboard and another of felt. Glue one circle of card and the felt together and cut out eye holes with a small pair of sharp scissors. Mark the eye holes on the second piece of card and cut out, then set aside for now.

Flower Face Mask

Add a face to the felt side, using more felt, pipe cleaners, pompoms or whatever other bits and pieces you have in your craft cupboard.

Now cut your petals. You could use pretty paper, fabric (iron onto stiff interfacing or stick onto card before cutting your petals out) or card. Turn your face over and glue the petals around the edge.

Apply glue to the second piece of card and stick it to the back of the mask, sandwiching the petals in the process.

Turn back to the front and neaten the mask by applying a cord or braid around the edge of the circle.

Flower face mask detail


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