Flower Garland


In Hawaii they welcome visitors with a garland of fresh flowers, or a lei. And in certain parts of India it is customary to wear a necklace of fresh flowers at Diwali, the festival of lights. Why not try our paper flower garland instead?

Flower Garland craft

You will need:

Elastic thread
Crepe paper (in bright colours)
Coloured plastic drinking straws
Darning or plastic needle


Cut out a collection of flowers from the crepe paper (we fitted 6 on a sheet of A4). You will find flower templates here if you need inspiration. Snip the straws into small pieces.

Cut a piece of elastic thread to the length that you want your necklace (remember to leave extra for tying). Thread the needle with the elastic thread and fasten a piece of sticky tape to the end to secure. Thread through a flower, and then a piece of straw, and so on. When the thread is nearly full, take off the sticky tape and tie the ends together tightly.


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