Foam Gingerbread Man

Have fun decorating a foam gingerbread man, without the bother of baking and the mess of icing! For the youngest children or a Christmas party, you could cut out a bunch of gingerbread men in advance...

Foam gingerbread man 3

You will need:

Brown craft foam
3D fabric paint (we made our own by adding food colouring to small PVA glue bottles and mixing well)
Wool (yarn) to hang


Using a cookie cutter as a template, cut gingerbread men from the craft foam.

Use the paint as 'icing' and decorate your men.

When the paint is dry, make a small hole in the head and thread through some wool to hang. You could make a lot of gingerbread men and string them together for a Christmas banner - lovely for the classroom!

Foam gingerbread man 2

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