Folding Matryoshka Dolls


This folding Matryoshka doll activity is a super craft for little kids, linked to our Russia topic but fun to make any time.


You will need:

A3 card
Colouring pens or paint


Cut out the templates.

Line up the biggest template with the bottom and side of the card and draw around it. Line up the second largest with the bottom of the card and the straight side of the largest doll. Repeat until you have drawn around all 5 dolls.

Drawn and ready to cut out
Drawn and ready to cut out

Cut out the shape as one piece.

Fold along the line between each doll.

Colour the dolls.

"Stack" your dolls by folding them into a concertina, so that the biggest doll is at the front.

Our folding Matryoshka dolls stacked
Our folding Matryoshka dolls stacked

Folding Matryoshka doll template


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