Fondant Penguins


This is a great idea for when you are looking for real entertainment value as well as something nice to eat at the end! Making these fondant penguins is fun - but please be warned that the fondant needs to be made in advance as it needs an overnight stay in the fridge ...

Fondant penguins
You can make about 30 of these fondant penguins with this recipe - it's great for a group to do, or as a treat to serve at a children's Christmas party.


makes about 30

800g icing sugar
397g tin of condensed milk
50g cocoa powder
Peppermint essence
Yellow and black food colouring

Fondant penguin recipe printable
Fondant penguin recipe printable


Put 300g of icing sugar in a bowl. Add 2 drops of peppermint essence. Add condensed milk a tablespoon at a time (should take about 4-5), mixing until you get a smooth dough.

Take about 1/4 of the dough and knead in a drop of yellow food colouring, adding more icing sugar if needed to get it to a "modelling" consistency.

Put 400g icing sugar and 50g cocoa powder in a bowl and mix. Add a couple of drops of black food colouring. Add condensed milk a tablespoon at a time (should take about 5-7) mixing until you get a smooth dough.

Pop into sandwich bags and leave in the fridge overnight (sorry!)

To make the penguins, dust a plate well with icing sugar. Shape a triangle of yellow dough. Sit a ball of white dough on top. Wrap some chocolate dough around the outside of the white dough as wings and a ball of chocolate dough on top as the head. Finish with a small piece of yellow dough as a beak. Leave to harden.

Fondant penguin 2
This fondant penguin doesn't have the yellow base underneath, but he still looks very cute!


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