Football Beanbag


Make this football beanbag out of felt. It's fun for kids to make for the World Cup or perhaps as a gift for a friend, sibling or Dad on Father's Day.

Football beanbag
Jack's football beanbag

You will need:

White felt
Black felt
Black thread
Rice, lentils or dried beans


Cut 2 circles from white felt (we drew around a saucer). Cut 8 hexagons from black felt.

Sew one of the hexagons into the centre of one of the circles.

Stitch a line of backstitch out from each corner (look at the photo for guidance).

Cut 3 of the hexagons in half. Stitch these around the edge of the circle (overhanging the edge).

Repeat for the other circle.

Trim the overhanging black felt and stitch the two circles together with blanket stitch. Leave a small gap to fill the beanbag loosely with rice or beans and then sew closed.

We've got lots of ideas for beanbag games!

Football beanbag detail


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