Football Photo Frame


Perfect for Father's Day, kids can make this photo frame for a special photo for Dad !

Football photo frame
Here's a frame all ready to hang up...

You will need:

White and black craft foam
Black pen


Cut a circle from white foam. Cut a hexagon from the middle of the circle.

Cut 6 small triangles from black foam. Glue the 6 small triangles around the outside of the white circle.

When the glue is dry, trim the edges of the triangles to fit the edge of the circle.

Draw black lines from the corners of the hexagon to the points of triangles.

Glue a photo to the back of the foam. Glue on a loop of ribbon. To keep the back of the photo safe, glue to a piece of card and then trim around the outside so the card fits the foam.

Football photo frame detail


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